What is Broken Rice?

Sometimes the most delicious food happens by chance. During harvesting, grains of rice often break, resulting in smaller but equally delicious pieces of “Broken Rice.” Despite its unusual name, Broken Rice has become a key ingredient in some of today’s most popular Asian street foods. In addition to being softer, stickier, and more absorbent than its unbroken counterpart, it also cooks in half the time, allowing street-side vendors to save on fuel. These favorable traits of Broken Rice make it possible for slow flavors to be served fast at a low price. Fresh, quick and affordable food that can be eaten every day, Broken Rice is the inspiration for our entire menu.

About Us

Broken Rice is a fast-casual restaurant serving traditional Asian street-food with a modern feel. Offering contemporary takes on classic staples from Vietnam, Thailand, China, and elsewhere in Asia, it is our belief that real fresh ingredients, both locally sourced and mindfully prepared, are the keys to providing intensely flavorful & healthy food. Prepared from scratch using only the highest-quality ingredients, our meals are sure to leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed and excited to return. Join us for a quick and wholesome lunch, or stop by in the evening, to enjoy a delicious dinner paired with one of our hand-crafted cocktails, draft wines or locally brewed beers flowing from our full- service bar! Don’t have time to dine-in with us? You can always place your order at our carry-out counter, by phone, or on our website, for an affordable meal, thoughtfully crafted for modern life on the go.